Neocore partners with organizations to successfully deliver their key program & project initiatives while helping them evolve their project delivery capabilities to world class standards.


Neocore works within each organizations unique culture & structure to successfully deliver. We bend to our partners rather than making partners bend to a cookie-cutter process.


Neocore has extensive experience across all project management disciplines combined with deep industry knowledge across Healthcare Services, Financial Services, Technology, & New Media sectors.

Recent Articles

  • It’s Q3… Do you know where your Projects are?!
    It’s that wonderful time of year. Right in the heart of the second true summer month. Vacations have been taken or will be taken, the kids are out of school and truly disengaged and the weather is warm. It’s usually the time when you tell yourself to check-out from all of the concerns at the office. I am a huge Continue Reading.
  • Change Requires Stick-to-itiveness
    Today I was reminded of an important attribute a leader should have when they are responsible for driving revolutionary change – stick-to-itiveness. Amazingly this is a term defined by Merriam-Webster and not Urban Dictionary! I was meeting with a potential client and the gentleman was articulating the situation he was facing – the wholesale technology transformation of a multi-departmental organization! Continue Reading.
  • Ready or not here comes Zika – Time to Prepare
    The stories on the Zika virus range from “who cares it’s not in the U.S. much” to “we need to eradicate all mosquitoes, now!”. Although emotionally I relate to the latter of the two reactions (as my arms and legs are covered in mosquito bites) the reality is we really do not know how Zika is going to impact the Continue Reading.
  • New Article: 10 Principles of Strategic Leadership by Strategy&
    It’s not often I come across an article the identifies and attempts to address a problem as I personally would – it’s in those moments I tend to stand up in my office and say “damn right! Thank you!”. This was once of the articles. Those of you who know me know that the topics of leadership and strategy and Continue Reading.
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